12 Wonderful Weeks

Our baby is growing!!! And it's evident in Mommy's tummy! This past Saturday I noticed my belly protruding out a little more than it has been. Sooo exciting! Nate noticed too! I know it's just my growing uterus, but exciting all the same!!

The biggest development with Baby H this week is reflexes!

How far along? 12w4d
Total Weight Gain/Loss - +4lbs
Maternity Clothes - Almost! Some shirts a friend lent me
Stretch Marks - not yet! Coco Butter!!!
Sleep - yes, yes, yes with a side of yes, please!
Best Moment this week - noticing my growing belly, dream last
night of the baby moving. So real and cool!
Movement - only in my dream!
Food cravings - cinnammon sugar toast
Food aversions - raw meats (when cooking), anything else I have smell first!
Gender - I'm still thinking boy
Belly button in or out - in, deep too.
What I miss - not much! Maybe a Diet DP from Whataburger
What I am looking forward to - Dr appt the 24th, 2nd trimester, Thanksgiving
Weekly Wisdom - soak in all the things daddy says!!! It's amazing

12 week pictures to follow! Of both mom and dad...stay tuned.

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