{Last night was my favorite...}

{Wonder how many more times I will say that throughout the years??}

Yesterday was a rough day! Work was hectic, Mason was needy, I was stressed from not finding Diesel and my patience was wearing thin!! I was trying to cook dinner and Mason kept grabbing my hand and wanting me to go to his room and look at {not watch} all of the Barney dvds. Honestly, I was getting frustrated. I had a million other things to do than to sit there and look at Barney cases. And then I had to stop and remind myself:
God specifically chose me to be this little boy's Mommy and to give him my undivided attention! And that's what I did. Dinner, laundry, cleaning can all wait!!

From then on my night went from awful to one of my favorite nights ever.
Just like that.

I'm positive Mason could sense my attitude change and was in a great mood as well! We played, we ate dinner, hung out and watched snakes on tv...{he made the sssss sound throughout the whole show}
And was just adorable. 
And he let me hold him like a baby!!! I ask him, "Mason, can Mommy hold you like a baby" and he gets so excited and says "Awwww baby" until I pick him up and cradle him like a little baby. Then I shower him with kisses and tell him how he's my sweet baby while rocking him. He grins from ear to ear and I melt.
I love it.
Last night he almost fell asleep while I was rocking him.
But I am glad he didn't.

Why you ask?

Because...it only got better.

He played a little more until he was ready for bed. He hugged and kissed Nate goodnight and off we went. We get to bed and Mason is a little restless. I asked him if he wanted to sing and he said "Yesss". 
So I started with Old McDonald, his favorite. 
Then I started with the Barney song. I discovered he knew that song a few nights ago when he sang along with me. But last night - he was full on with motions and all. He had to hug and kiss me every time we got to this part "With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you". 
I couldn't believe it....and of course screamed for Nate to come see.
And he emphasizes this part "Won't you say you love me too"
And keeps saying "too" until you start over.
So then he and Nate sang the song, hugged and kissed and I laid in bed thinking
"Tonight is my favorite, they are my favorite"
And I couldn't be any happier or feel any more blessed.

And the best part?

Mason fell asleep holding Nate's hand with his left hand and my hand with his right.

Yep, last night will go down in my book of favorites.

Pics from last night:

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